Interception happened everywhere and people have no sense of it. Electronic devices’ signal is easily to be duplicated and replicated. Protecting your information before transferring into electronic device is essential.
Hack APP / Modified OS
  • Enormous APP could be installed in cell phone. Also, cell phone’s OS would be modified by multiple vendors. Malicious and improper authorization applications might exit in cell phone. Voice of ell phone call or APP call might be captured.

Telecom / APP Server
  • All the voice signal will be handled by Telecom or APP server. Those server might capture your voice signal without your intention. Encrypt your voice before transferring into Telecom or APP server is important.

Electric Wave
  • The connection between cell phone and base station is wirelessly. The electric wave is broadcasted widely. With special instrument, these electric wave could be captured. Although protocol of these electric wave contain encryption feature. There are many well known software/device to retrieve the original signal. Without other protection/encryption, your information is spread wirelessly and widely.

Fake Base Station
  • Cell phone must connect to base station to work. Or, cell phone can’t send/receive information. Base station control cell phone’s data transference. When cell phone connect to malicious base station, the data transference could be controlled by unknown organization.