Erase datas inside phone

Abundant private datas store inside cell phone
  • Contacts, GPS track, photo, video, dial history ...

  • Phone numbrer, browser history, saved password ...

  • Memo, records ...

  • These private datas exist in cache, temp file, different APP, system.

  • Software erase, system reset, factory reset, delete content or reinstalling OS still can't permanantly clear all above datas.

phone pcb circuit
jump wires from chip
connect chip pins
remove chip
remove emmc chip
emmc usb reader
Many ways to extract data from phone, even phone was broken
  • Wire out storage chip( flash, emmc, ufs ...)

  • Take off storage chip

  • Data recovery tool

  • Datas are still inside cell phone's storage chip. Easy to recover and hack...

grind chip surface. expose pad of chip
Advanced data hacking
  • Even the storage chip was broken,

  • Grind the surface of chip.

  • Jump wire to the pins of NAND flash

  • Start to extract datas ...

We provide physical phone destory circuit
  • Customize Samsung/LG/CAT ... cell phones which are public on market

  • Our professional circuit could connect phone storage chip

  • Once triggered, our circuit will destroy gates/components inside chip

  • Inside-chip level damage. Physically damage phone datas

  • Enable our design in your phone. Destory storage chip as you want.

  • Please contact to secure your data privacy right away.

burn out pins/gates/logics of chip